I would like to write a testimonial for Susan.

I am quite a sceptical person, and so I tried to be open minded about Susans gifts.

I have seen her now, over 6 times in 3 years, and was directed to her via word of mouth.


A lot of what she has stated in earlier years, did not make sense until later on- and you kind of smile to yourself and say “that’s what she meant!”

But recently I had a business deal that went very wrong, and after a one hour session, I was given a game plan to come out with my finances intact. I was very exposed, and was dealing with family, which made things doubly worse.

Her advice was phenomenal and her insights and warnings  into the impending doom of the breakdown was unbelievable:

·         from warning me of the thefts by family- she was spot on;

·         that I will be detrimentally affected financial- correct.

She opened my eyes to the problem and when I returned to her with the developments that she was correct, she used her guides (and was able to relay messages from my guides) as to how I go about rectifying the situation.

The result of following her advice (which I did not want to do) was exactly what was needed for me to come out even and protect my family.

I am convinced that Susan is the real Mcoy.

As a note which made me a believer- When I first meet her, I had a very lucrative job in the mining sector when the boom was on. I was told there is at least 10 years of employment demand, and I didn’t really like my job.

Susan warned that in all her readings, she was being told that the boom was about end and a lot of people would face hardship. I thought she was crazy as all indications from my high up, line of work was suggesting otherwise.

Looks like I was the crazy one! 

Thank you so much for providing such great advice Susan.

Kindest regards


Your reading was spot-on and what you told me came true. I could not believe the detail you were able to see in my very complex situation and how you helped me find a solution.

Amy S, Kingsley

The best reading I have ever had. It blew me away - thank you.

Melissa G, Perth

Amazing reading, you were so right about everything.

Jeanette P, Padbury

Awesome in every way.

John V, Perth

I want to thank you so much. You have have made a really positive difference to my life and have opened my mind and changed my outlook on a lot of things. I have decided to choose you as my reader and will come to you whenever I feel the need to see how things are going for me.

Ljubica, Perth.

A friend told me about you and I was very happy with your reading. I was amazed that you could tell that I made jewellery. Thank you.

Annie, Perth

The moment I met Susan I felt her healing energy and her spiritual intuitiveness. After my experience of meeting Susan I felt a great sense of inner peace and felt balanced. Just after one session with Susan you will feel happier within yourself.

Diane Lazarus from West Wales. Diane has been rated one of the top 5 psychics in the world and was the winner of the TV series “Psychic Challenge” and author of 'Mixed Blessings' about her psychic gifts which has been No1 in W.H. Smiths in the U.K. and is available in Australia.

I have known Susan Harris for what seems like most of my life, and would say that Susan is the kindest and the most spiritual person I have ever met.

Whatever guidance you need will be given with a clear head and a good heart and only for your greater good. I hope you enjoy the experience of her gifts, and I envy you for the time you will spend with my greatest guide. I know that Angels are always at her shoulder and I send her and you my love. XXXX

Valerie Berry, West Wales.

Susan is a wonderful teacher and continues to be my greatest inspiration. I have studied Reiki 1, 2 and 3/master with her. The first time I met Susan I was very nervous of starting Reiki and what was ahead. As soon as I saw Susan my nerves melted and my healing path began. Every attunement I have received from Susan has been a powerful spiritual journey that will stay in my heart forever. Having experienced the benefits of Reiki healing to heal myself, my family and clients, I am so glad that I was guided to Susan for teachings. I cannot imagine life without Reiki or Susan as a mentor.

Samantha Evans, Cardiff, Wales.

The Reiki treatments I received from Susan were extremely helpful and calming during a very stressful period of my life whilst suffering with my illness.

Geraldine Archer, Armadale WA

I have had numerous healing treatments over the past 19 years after losing my husband but had never experienced such wonderful, powerful healing until Susan treated me. Susan’s healing released all the negative blockages and unhappiness within me. Now for the first time in 19 years I am able to move on happily with my life.

I also received Reiki teachings from Susan Harris, but as a sufferer of dyslexia I was initially anxious of studying, but Susan’s teachings were clear and informative. She gave me confidence with myself as a Reiki practitioner. My attunement was a magical experience that I will never forget.

Kay Evans, Cardiff, Wales.

I have known Susan for six+ years but the minute we met we both realized we had a very deep connection.  No matter in which area you seek help, Susan is able to heal, teach, support and assist you in reaching your goals for your greatest good.

Now Susan is living in Perth I am eternally grateful for modern technology, without which I would have to forego our wonderful chats.  For all you "newbies" out there, once you meet Susan - be it for healing Reiki, hypnosis, tarot or other psychic readings, you will return again and again to experience the same warmth and guidance enjoyed by her other clients.  I miss you Susan but wish you well in this new endeavour.

Vicki Lorist, Elizabeth, CO. USA.

Susan is one of   the most gifted  psychics I have ever met. She speaks the truth and always from the heart. Above all  she excels as a healer.This is where she really comes into her own, healing on very deep levels, getting to the source of the problem very quickly, backing this up with some sound spiritual advice if this is required and helping you move on. I would personally recommend her exceptional abilities with regard to healing children. She has a natural affinity with them and I have had personal experience of this with my own child and for this I am truly grateful. All consultations are dealt with professionally, with integrity and above all compassion. A true earth angel!
I wish her all the luck in the world x

Janice, Barry, South Wales

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