We are not controlled by fate; we have our own free will and inner direction. We can move away from being driven by external events and the actions of other people to having confidence in our inner knowing, intuition, feelings and instincts. A good Tarot reading gives confidence in that we can symbolically see where we are going and what the outcome would be if we tried some new approaches.

The future is not set in stone; changes we make now will make a new future happen.

How does the Tarot work?

The mechanism by which the cards work may be looked at as an instance or the ancient mystical maxim ďAs above, So below,Ē where the seemingly random fall of cards somehow mirrors the greater machinations of the heavens, and the future is glimpsed. In order for this to work, the cards must have some symbolism or meanings that can relate to the greater forces at work in the Universe.

The Tarot is based on ancient wisdoms, namely Astrology, Numerology, the Kabbalah, the Soulís archetypal journey and the four ancient elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The combinations of these differing wisdoms will give a description of what is happening in your life at present and a most likely outcome of the given direction.

Why should an apparently random arrangement of symbols mean something?

Those who have worked with the Tarot over years vouch for the fact that the cards do seem to be subjectively uncannily accurate about future events.

Dr Carl Jung the eminent psychologist theorized the concept of Synchronicity, or the experience of meaningful coincidence. This idea has taken root in Astrology in that it has been noticed that the effect of for instance transiting planets can happen before the planets have actually lined up! This apparent timing error has given rise to the idea that the planets indicate what is happening inside us instead of directly influencing us. In the same way the symbolism of the Tarot seems to mirror what is happening to us and is likely to happen to us.

Is what the cards say bound to come true?

If the cards mapped out a fixed future, there would be little value in consulting them. A more positive approach would be that the cards show trends and potentials: what is likely to happen if you do nothing, and what is likely to happen if you make some changes. If the cards suggest future problems, they will also suggest causes of these difficulties and how they can be avoided. If they suggest pleasurable future events, then they will also suggest how to make sure these come to pass and how to avoid wasting the positive phase approaching.

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